Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses

for young people in Cambridgeshire

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Four series of workshops are held each year for year 8 pupils nominated by schools in the Cambridge area. Each series consists of five workshops, of which one is usually computer-based. The topics vary from series to series, but all involve challenging mathematics not normally studied in school, and there are always plenty of activities for the participants to try. The speakers are a mixture of university lecturers, maths educators, and others who enjoy communicating mathematics to a young audience.

The workshops provide a chance for able young mathematicians to work together in tackling some interesting and challenging problems. Their feedback shows that they enjoy the workshops and learn much that interests them.

The workshops are held on Saturday mornings in Cambridge colleges and departments. They run from 10am to 12:30pm, with a break for juice and biscuits.

Attendance at the workshops is restricted to those pupils nominated by their schools. There are roughly 100 places in the four series, and these are offered to the local state secondary schools. This works out at about one place for every fifty pupils.

The participating schools are invited to nominate pupils.

One of popular activities in the whorkshop is called Mathletics which allows students to form their own teams and compete with other teams by solving a number of challenging mathamtical questions. You may want to visit the current leader board.

The workshops are free to the participants. Funding is raised by means of an appeal, roughly every three years, to local businesses and university colleges. Further details can be found here.

Last modified: November, 2015