Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses

for young people in Cambridgeshire

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2006-2007 information

This will be updated shortly. Schools should have received information at the start of June. The return date for schools to send in forms is Thursday 29th June. Although we will do the usual chasing up of those who fail to meet the deadline, please note that any spare spaces will be allocated to those on the reserve list at the end of July.

2005-2006 information

Mailing dates for 2005-2006 Series

The programmes will be sent direct to the participants' home addresses, but other mailings are sent via the schools to reduce costs. We will update this list with the date on which letters are sent out, so that you can check whether you should have received them. We will also post details of the workshops on this page once the programme for each series is finalised.

21st JuneReturn date for nomination forms from schools - please contact us if they will be late
End of JulyAbsolute deadline for return of nomination forms by schools - places will be allocated to reserves after this point
9th SeptemberSchools will be notified of which series their pupils have been allocated to, and should pass this information to pupils.SENT OUT
Early SeptemberParticipants in first series will receive a programme, map and further details. SENT OUT
Mid OctoberParticipants in second series will recieve a programme, map and further details. SENT OUT
Early JanuaryParticipants in third series will receive a programme, map and further details. SENT OUT 9th Jan
April/MayA letter will be sent out about the summer trip to the RI. We will try to update this site when the letter goes out, so if you don't hear anything, check here to see whether you should have! SENT OUT
17th JuneTrip to London for workshops with other groups from round the country.

Programme for 2005-2006

We will post the programme as it becomes available.

Most workshops in series 1 and 2 will take place in the Leslie Stephen Room, Trinity Hall. Series 3 will be held at Girton College on Huntingdon Road. Both colleges are marked on the University Map, and the rooms will be signposted from the Porters' Lodge. Each workshop runs from 10:00 to 12:30, with a break for juice and biscuits. On the last date in each series, parents and guardians are invited to attend a reception, when certificates will be presented. Refreshments and a bookstall will be provided.

Last modified: January 10, 2006