Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses

for young people in Cambridgeshire


We hope that all participants will enjoy the workshops and be encouraged to spend more time exploring mathematics. The following sites may be of interest.

Royal Institution
The Royal Institution supports a network of workshops like these across the country.
This on-line maths club provides an on-line maths magazine each month, containing problems, articles and games. Youngsters are invited to send in solutions to the problems, and these are published on the website. There is also a web-board, where young mathematicians can talk to each other, and ask questions of a team of university students.
Nicky Shaw lectures
The Nicky Shaw public lecture series is organised by the Millenium Mathematics Project, and takes place in Cambridge. All the lectures are free, but you need to book in advance. See the link for details.
ATE Superweek
ATE run a Maths Superweek holiday for 10 to 13 year olds. There is a mix of activities, as well as lots of fun hands-on maths.
Science week
Every year, the events organised by Cambridge University for National Science Week include some on mathematical themes. In 2004, the Cambridge week of events will be from 12th March to 20th March.
Society of Young Mathematicians
Society for under 18s, run by the Mathematical Association; as a member you get six magazines a year.
Infinity magazine
A new quarterly magazine, published by Tarquin, already well-known for their recreational maths books.