Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses

for young people in Cambridgeshire

The List of the Participating Secondary Schools (school map)



Abbey College     

Bassingbourn Village College     

Bottisham Village College  

Chesterton Community College

City of Ely Community College

Comberton Village College                

Cottenham Village College                

Cromwell Community College                          

Hinchingbrooke School     

Impington Village College  

Linton Village College                         

Longsands College                              

Manor Community College                               

Melbourn Village College                  

Neale-Wade Community College                                     

The Netherhall School                       

Parkside Federation           

Sawston Village College     

Sawtry Community College                                               

Sir Harry Smith Community College                                                                                 

Soham Village College                                                        

St Bede's Inter-Church School                                                                                                          

St Ivo School  

St Neots Community College                                                                                                             

St Peter's School

Swavesey Village College                                                            

Witchford Village College